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...." After I tried to smoke a cigarettes after Dr. Richard prayed for me I began to get sick to my stomach.I am praising God for setting me free.

Frielendorf, Germany~8 years and still has the Victory!

Still walking in the Victory after 8 years ago receiving her Miracle in her body! When you came and visited us in Germany three years ago, a lady was healed of a bad back. I met her 2 weeks ago and found out more about it.(Pastor Arnold) On February 27, 1997 she fell...

Greensboro, North Carolina

“I would say it was over 10 years ago that I went to a Richard Moore meeting at Cathedral of His Glory in Greensboro, NC. The anointing hit me and I got so drunk, the first time this “Baptist girl” had ever experienced or even witnessed such a thing. From then on I...