Jesus in every nation, Jesus in every city, Jesus in every heart.

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...." After I tried to smoke a cigarettes after Dr. Richard prayed for me I began to get sick to my stomach.I am praising God for setting me free.

Istanbul, Turkey

“……when you prayed for me, I felt the power of the Holy Spirit on me so strong, I couldn’t help standing and I was on the floor in few seconds. In my 17 years of Christian life, I have never felt the Holy Spirit this strong. When I was on the floor, I heard God’s...

Merritt Island, Florida

“…..the Rehab. Center loaned me a walker to use instead of a wheel chair. Evangelists Richard and Ronda were preaching the Word of God and then, Brother Richard called me up to come to the altar. Pastor Chester grabbed my arm and led me up there. As Brother Richard...