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God Still Heals

“……when you prayed for me, I felt the power of the Holy Spirit on me so strong, I couldn’t help standing and I was on the floor in few seconds. In my 17 years of Christian life, I have never felt the Holy Spirit this strong. When I was on the floor, I heard God’s voice. He was calling me and saying “dedicate yourself to Me, I’ll use you and bless you”. I started to feel my heart is changing. I am longing for Him even more. I can’t stop thinking of the reality of Jesus and the Holy Spirit.” -Hae

“…I want to share two good testimonies with you: There was a little boy who couldn’t walk and you prayed for him. He started getting some tingles and feeling on his legs. Praise the Lord.
….when you called for prayer, this lady came up who had some sickness in her body (woman’s issue). When you prayed for her, she felt some burning in her stomach area. Later, the doctor said that there was nothing he could find. She was healed from that sickness. Praise the Living God who heals the sick.” – Pastor Leyla