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You are fearfully and wonderfully made. Perfect love casts out fear. God knows the plans he has for you, plans to prosper you and give you and an expected end. You where made for a divine purpose and plan. You have a destiny to fulfill in God. He gave you talents and gifts unique to only you. You where made for his Glory and his pleasure. When we sit at his feet he fills our ears with sweet kind words of his love for us and how he wants to take us places he has all ready mapped out for our life’s. We all need each other to grow and develop in our gifting and to become the beautiful Woman he has called us to be. There is beauty in ever-single woman and a very high value was paid for your life. Now as we find our God given talents and abilities he has instilled in us from the time we where placed in  our Mothers womb. Only when we find out our gifting’s will we find out our place, we will than feel at peace, and rest with everything in our world.

 Letters To Sarah was birthed out of My Love for My Daughter when she was in my womb. I prayed over her and wrote letters to Sarah  when  she was in my womb expecting her arrival. Knowing God had in trusted me to care for her life  and nurture and mentor her so she would grow up and  be equipped for life, love, happiness, and a relationship with Him. The responsibility I would train her and fashion her in the way she would go and when she gets old she would not depart from the truth of God’s word was  His promise back  to me if i did my part in training her in the ways of the Lord.

Knowing she was such a gift from God and I would offer her back to the Lord one day when she was at the age of accountability and would start making her own choices and decisions. The sense of responsibility has lead me to Know  the responsibility of being a Godly Mother and I want to help other Woman mentor their daughters to equip them for life experiences. To help Woman be whole and be healed from hurts, guilt and shame from the past so they can fulfill their destiny and be whole and be able to mentor their daughters out of a pure whole heart and a place of  wholeness.

As Woman we have such a vital role as a Mother to nurture and mentor those in our life. When we ourselves didn’t get the guidance and mentoring from our Mother we find ourselves coming up short. God’s highest and his best is that we each be whole and want for no good thing. Wisdom is priceless when it comes from a Woman that has walked in a path that didn’t end well, and now is sharing her experiences so others can find hope, healing, in there heart to release, and forgive the things that hold them back from the past.

 LTS is made up of woman all ages and Nationalities a National Organization with Chapters around the world that come to together for a common purpose to express the Love of God shed abroad in there hearts to one another through Jesus Christ and through Bible Studies, providing social services and helping young college bound girls to receive there community hours for college applications. Many educational topics from Sex Education, Weight loss, Exercise, Healthy boundaries, Relationships, Planting a Garden, Eating Healthy, Applying Make up and many other subjects. Each chapter takes on there own programs to provide in there own communities as needed.

Chapters come together for a National Meeting once a year at a selected location. Each chapter has officers and is run with by laws and follows LTS protocol. Each chapter is responsible for collecting dues and reporting back to the National Headquarters in Tampa, FL All Chapter representatives go through a voting process and guidelines that follow the National by laws. Each chapter creates their own community services partners in their city. Each Chapter establishes a weekly, or bi weekly, or monthly meeting.Group meetings and committee meetings are okay in home. More guidelines will be discussed when application is presented for Chapter Review.