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Dr. Richard & Ronda Moore

Over 33 years of ministry–married for 31 years to Ronda Moore-over 8,000 revival meetings across the globe-life changing encounter with God in 1990-Fire of God in every meeting-with healings, miracles, and salvations.

The main vision for Voice of Revival Ministries International is to bring revival to the church and witness a great awakening in the nations! In every meeting, we preach the Word of God with demonstrations following.

Voice of Revival Ministries International holds revivals that can last up to 7 weeks, 2 services a day with a focus of mobilizing the church to win the lost. Dr. Richard has been on the road up to 300 days a year since 1990. Spreading revival into 50 nations of the world. We make it a goal to teach and mobilize the local churches to win the lost. This task is accomplished through teaching, preaching, and demonstrating the power of God. We hold large community outreaches through strategic cities throughout the nations.

Invest in the Gospel

Advancing God’s Kingdom. Reaping the Harvest.

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